Fun Facts About melissa and mark

- We met in 2002 and fell in love.

- Our wedding was in November.

​- Before having kids we traveled around Europe and had a blast.

- We have two daughters we love to pieces.

- We have one dog.

- Mark loves cooking and beer.

- Melissa loves pickles and is a neat freak.

- After every wedding we get sushi.

- Coffee is a must have for us in the morning.

- We love being outdoors.

- After our kids are in bed we love watching our favorite shows.

MGM Photography was started in 2006. Melissa wanted to be a photographer since middle school and followed her dreams. Melissa and Mark are a husband and wife team and photograph all engagement and weddings together. All portrait sessions Melissa photographs. They love meeting new clients and are thankful when chosen to capture a special moment or day. Please contact MGM Photography for more information on booking us.